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The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity In Terms of Life in mono colour.

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Pages: 180

Language: English

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (17 Sept. 2016)

By: Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte (Author)

What has gravity to do with the forming of the brain and with forming a person’:s personality? How does physics form a person’:s thinking? I have asked many people this question: when has a person died…:not when is the person dead for that is when the person’:s blood stopped flowing, no I ask when has the person died? I know of so many people still breathing that also has died. Next time you pass a dirty old tramp sitting in the park waiting for death to arrive, know this: to that person and to the world the tramp has died because no one care to remember. Also I asked when can we think of a man as having a successful life after he died or when has his life been a raging success when people think of him in the past. I get so many answers most rambling on about money or memory or deeds but that is bullshit. Any person is a success when that person leaves children behind that is more sober in mind, more balanced in wisdom, more accepted by society and more kind to others when that person dies than he was when he died. I call science a scam and there are many readers and most if not all will completely disagree with me about science living as a scam. This scam is called humanity as it involves the medical science more than physics. It is never what the research reveals but what science hides from getting revealed. It lurks in the profits of the pharmaceutical companies or the doctors or the hospitals the industry never whish to reveal. Euthanasia is not about the absolute sanctity of life but it is keeping the patient alive when the patient is going to need the most expensive drugs and the most expensive intensive care. I saw a patient with a knife in his head wheeled out of hospital to find some other place to die because that patient did not have medical care to fund his desperate situation. Because there was no money for treatment there was no treatment and this goes on in every private hospital in every city around the world. If that person had a good medical care and the medical insurer was willing to pay then a team of doctors would fight day and night to keep the person alive and no cost will be spared. If you start legalising euthanasia you kill the part that serves the highest profits and they would rather see you suffer than they would agree that you might die cheaply. If you are not prepared to pay for their effort of holding your life so ever dearly they will lose all interest and let you die as quickly as the machines are switched off. Your life and all life have value when there is someone prepared to pay the bill and those doctors are the worst criminals there mathematically is. Fighting euthanasia is a conspiracy because euthanasia will kill the huge profits the medical industry makes. If we are all so against euthanasia lets take the profits of these pharmaceutical companies, the hospitals and the doctors and spend their money to pay for every one dying that can’:t afford treatment. People would argue religious concepts but everybody accepts science on face value. That also is why there is aging and eventual unavoidable death to material holding life. The body never stops growing, which brings about the inevitable decline of life’:s body structure, as time becomes more that the body endures. The ever growing of the body makes the body collapse on itself with aging. As time goes by everything on the Earth including the Earth and everything in the Universe around the Earth is gaining in space because that is what time leaves. Newtonians show millipedes that once roamed the Earth that were one metre wide…:and Newtonians not only believe that but also advocate this information as the truth! Everything holding material grows by time leaving space as the history of time that went by. The history or the space of the millipede became bigger as time moved on but the millipede never was one metre wide. Time brings light all the way by progressing in space that carries light through space.

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